Discover the Power of Your Psychic Center

Discover the Power of Your Psychic Center

Discover the Power of Your Psychic CenterPsychic centers comprise a person’s aura and chakras.  These are the energetic fields that surrounding the physically body.  Unbalanced energy can often cause immense strain on the physical body and result in health concerns.

Energy is dynamic and revolves around our physical self.  A chakra is the epicenter of this energetic flow in key regions of our body.  Chakras act as gatekeeps to help ensure a balance exchange of spiritual and mental vibrations.  They regulate how we draw in universal life forces, known as prana or qi.  This force governs all life and how all beings relate to one another.

Qi or prana, can enter our bodies based on the air we breathe as well as what we ingest by food or drink.  Operating every hour of every day, qi gets absorbed into our nervous systems and serves as fuel for our entire body.  Chakra imbalances causes a reduction of the qi entering into our body, thus increasing our risk for health issues as well as blocking our psychic abilities.

We can help balance our psychic centers through the practice of yogic breathing.  By mindfully breathing in from the diaphragm slowly, we can open more channels for our nervous system to absorb prana.  As you build your psychic centers you can increase your ability to process spiritual stimuli.  You will begin to see auras, understand various plans of existence and the interconnectedness of all life.  As you grow, you may feel compelled to act more lovingly and selfless to the world around you.

Typically, people have chakras that are half open and aura that aren’t very radiant.  However, Masters have optimized chakras that glow vibrantly and pulsate at a tremendous rate of speed.  As we move throughout our lifetimes, we are taught how to harness the energies around us.  Enlightened beings enjoy full control of their energies and understand how their energy impacts all other beings’ energy.

Kundalini is a profound spiritual power that helps to fully open and activate one’s chakras.  This snake-like force is house in a semi-dormant state, at the root chakra in the base of the spine.  When awoken it helps to unite all chakra functions and create a dynamic energy flow.  An enlightened being has mastered the kundalini and can control the energy and tap into its power via a channel within the spine called sushumna.

The safest way to increase your kundalini and train your sushumna is through acts of selflessness.  When you give service to others via prayer, acts of healings, and acts of empowerment you build connection to your psychic centers.  Combine with yogic breathing, affirmations and visualizations you can create energetic balance within and around your body.  Awaken your kundalini and enjoy discovering the universal bliss and wisdom, couple with the satisfaction of generating love and light through the acts of sincere service to others.