Call Angels to Help You

Call Angels to Help You

Your angels are there to help you from small things to big things. If you have lost something, you can even ask your angels to help you find it. Your chance of talking to your angels does not stop there, you can ask them to advise you or even protect you.

You can call out to your angel and then you will see that you will find what you are looking for or you will get the information that you need to be safe and secure.

Always thank your angels for helping you and for listening to you.

Your angels are there to help you and you can call out to them without them judging you. Once you call to your angels, you will see that they are there to help you and will take care of you. Always choose to be thankful.

While you can ask your angels for anything, here are some things they love to help you with:

Lost Things

You can call on your angels to help you to find things that are lost. Your angels will help you to reunite with your lost object.

There is no time limit in which your angel will help you find things so just be patient. If you call on your angels and you still cannot find your item, let it go and know that the angels want you to give this object to someone else.


Another thing you can ask your angel to do for you is to help you let go of things that no longer help you. When you do this, you can start a new chapter.

Angels such as Kali can help you to get rid of bad habits and help you to find your purpose. She can help you to make it through change. No matter what the situation is, you have to trust that it will be done.


If you are going overseas or if you are traveling somewhere, ask your angles to help you have a good trip. The angels can help you to make sure that your journey goes smooth and that you are safe and comfortable.

Well Being

If you are worried about your children or your pets and you want your angels to help make sure they are safe and healthy, call on them.

Call on angels such as Gabriel to help you. This can help you if your children or pets have been going through something hard like sickness or something in their lives.

Trust your angel guides to help you and give you peace.

Tests and Meetings

If you have a test or meeting that is important, call on your angel guides to help you and guide you. Uriel is one that can help you to be stress free and can clear your mind. Call on them before your next meeting.


Facing money problems can be hard and if you are going through this, ask your Archangel Ariel to help you.

She can help you to get rid of bad spending habits and to balance your money. You can also offer her something to thank her for helping you.


If you want to have a healthy and happy relationship, you can call on Raguel to help you.

This angel is there to give you trust and harmony and to help your life to be peaceful.

Stress or Depression

If you feel stressed or depressed, call on Archangels Jophie or Michel to help ease your worry.

They can help you to get out of your problem and to seek the truth. They can bring you joy and take away your stress and anxiety.

Losing Weight

If you need to do better with your weight loss, learn to call on Archangel Raphael to help you.

He can help you to be encouraged and to work on your weight loss goals, and keep you motivated.


If you are having a hard time being empathetic or hearing from your intuition, call on Haniel to help you.

She can help you to strengthen your giftings and can help you to see how you benefit from these gifts.


No matter what is going on in your life, you will come to places where you have to face negative situations. You can call on Michael to protect you and keep you safe from negative energies.

Michael is one of the angels that can keep you from danger and protect you in your body and your spirit.

There are many different angels that you can call on to help you. Talk to them from your heart and trust them. Listen to them when they respond and do what they tell you. They only want the best for you.