Boosting Your Clairaudient

Boosting Your Clairaudient

Clairaudience is a skill that psychics have, and it lets them be able to hear.  These things are hearing into the spiritual realm and they can also get guidance from angels and other masters.

Clairaudience also includes having guidance and wisdom in your self and having intuition.  Today, the word clairvoyance is a huge word and a gift that all psychics want to develop.  This is a powerful gift and having this gift means clear hearing.

People who have this gift are able to get more guidance spiritually and get messages form angels and other information.

Are you Clairaudient?

Many people have clairaudient without even knowing it.  This is because theirs might work different than others and even if you don’t think you are clairaudient then you might get messages form angels, and this can be developed strongly.

If you have a quiet voice that is always speaking to you, encouraging you or warning you then this means you are clairaudient.

Develop Psychic Hearing

Hearing happens when you hear an internal voice and the small voice can be validation, guidance or encouragement.

How to Develop Clairaudience

The first way is to align your expectation.  We expect our senses to act a certain way and that isn’t real.  The reality is that clairaudience can happen by hearing externally and it isn’t always internal.

This happens when you first get the gift and you won’t be hearing your own thoughts but the spirit thoughts.


You need to raise your vibrations to boost your hearing.  Increasing the vibration frequency is a great way to increase your psychic senses.  When you become a match, you will have more insights and love.

When you raise your vibrations, you will be closer to angels and it will make it easier on you to hear the messages you are getting.

One of the easiest ways to raise the vibrations is to notice how your body is working and this can increase by eating healthy and drinking water.  Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Light and Love

You need to fill your life with more light and love.  You can ask your angels to help you.  Imagine that there is light and call in the presence of your guides and the angels.  Ask them to help you.


Meditation is one way to develop your gift and to develop all of your psychic sense.  This works as an internal voice and so it is important that you are quiet so you can hear your voice.

Your angels are speaking to you but if you are always talking and letting your mind wander then you are limiting the thoughts and blocking out your voices.

Meditation is the key to opening up all of your psychic gifts, especially clairaudience.   You need to tune out the sound and tune in the light.  Ask your angels to help you and give you a clear mind and open heart.

Meditation is hard at first but keep practicing and focus on your breathing.  Meditate when you walk, and you can be quiet in your mind and open to the voices.

When your mind is clear, you will allow your spiritual guide to help you.  Quiet your mind and open your heart and be aware.  When you do this, you can ask questions to your angels or your spirit guides.

Don’t force insight to come, breathe and listen.  The guide from your angels can come in different forms.  Listen to your voice of clairaudience.


Fully listen and when they speak, think about what you will say.  Stay quiet and listen to your internal voice before you respond.  Always be open and receive what the spirit gives you.

Listen to yourself breathing and meditate.  Listen to the sounds of your inner voice while you sleep.  Listen so you can hear.  You have a quiet voice in your mind and guidance in you spirt.


One way to understand how clairaudient works is to imagine that your clairaudient.  Practice sounds and listen until you hear them clearly.

Sit and close your eyes and call on your angels.  Imagine light around you and energy entering your body.

What does it sound like?  Imagine the internal hearing.  Listen to the internal voices and the sounds and practice hearing.  You can do this by finding a quiet place and imagine what you are hearing.  Imagine hearing sounds like rain falling, laughing, ocean waves, barking, chirping, dripping and more.

Ask the Angels

When you ask, make sure you act upon what the angels tell you.  Respond to their information and make good choices and good eating choices.  Quiet your ego and raise your vibrations.  Open your heart and ask your angels to help you with the income.

Surrender the outcome and let yourself be open and take steps to raise your vibrations and to practice, listen and focus on what you hear.

When you ask for help, trust the guidance that you get and let your vibrations shine.  Take over the gifts and use your clairaudience as a gift.


Guidance will help you to find love so if you are hearing things that are negative, ask the angels to protect you and to keep your energy clean and positive.  Clear your mind and find love.


  1. The idea of increasing vibrations and developing psychic hearing is a fascinating one. The recommendations for meditation and healthy living are universally beneficial, regardless of one’s beliefs in psychic abilities.

    • I agree, the health and well-being tips are practical. However, the connection to psychic abilities might need more exploration to appeal to a broader audience who may be skeptical of spiritual claims.

  2. The article provides a comprehensive guide on developing clairaudience, which is useful for those interested in enhancing their psychic abilities. The emphasis on meditation and raising vibrations aligns with common practices in spiritual development.

  3. Although the article outlines various methods to develop clairaudience, it’s important to approach such topics with a critical mind. Distinguishing between psychological phenomena and genuine spiritual experiences can be challenging.

  4. The concept of clairaudience and hearing messages from angels is intriguing. However, the article could benefit from more examples or personal anecdotes to illustrate how these techniques have worked for others.

  5. While the article offers detailed steps for developing clairaudience, I wonder about the scientific basis behind these practices. It would be interesting to see if there’s any empirical research supporting these claims.


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