Are You Paranoid or Using Your Intuition?

Using Your Intuition

People often wonder how they can know the difference between if they are trusting their intuition or if they are just being paranoid.  Everyone struggles sometimes with their gifting, and this can be even harder when you have a hard time trusting people and when you feel that you need to justify yourself for people to believe you.

Intuition is something that you can use to know the answers without there being a real answer or a real reason that you know something. This is like having an instinct and being able to pay attention to your reasoning in your mind.

There can be a small difference between being paranoid and being able to use your intuition when you are dealing with something such as someone that has cheated on you or even dealing with someone that is addicted to bad behavior.

The difference between them is that when you have to deal with your betrayal then your intuition will show you what you need to know, but how do you really know? People are given a strong sense of intuition and they can learn to see things without having to have the answers in front of them.

You have to learn to trust your intuition even when it is wrong because when you distrust your intuition, or you choose not to listen then you will not be able to protect yourself or others from pain and suffering. You can change your mind and your way of thinking if your intuition is wrong, but what if it isn’t?

Here are some things to consider when you are not sure if you are being paranoid or if you are using and trusting your intuition:


If it has been less than a year or more since your spouse cheated on you or since their last addictive behavior, you might see signs that they are falling back into that same situation all around you. Even if there is nothing going on, you might expect there to be and see the signs all around you.

One problem with being betrayed by someone that you love is that it causes you to feel insecure and causes you to feel that you will never trust them again. You gave them your heart and it is hard to give the benefit of the doubt to someone that has hurt you.

When you are trying to build your trust up with your partner, you need to learn to care for yourself and protect yourself from pain. Your intuition is not always accurate but if you put up boundaries and you learn to care for yourself, you can listen more clearly.


When you want to know if you are overreacting or if you are using your intuition then you need to talk to someone that you love or a therapist.

Reality testing is when you tell someone what is going on with your emotions and the thoughts that you are having, and they listen and help you to have clear thinking on your situation. This can help you to know if you are overreacting or listening to your intuition.

Repetitive Thinking

There is a possibility that your mind and heart can deceive you and so you need to learn to listen to what you are thinking and feeling. If you are always thinking about your partner hurting, you then it could be that you are being paranoid.

Thought Pattern and Intuition

Most people are able to see that the world is shaped by our past and how we have lived, even as children. The culture that we experience and things in our life will show us things that will help us to know if we need to ignore things or listen to what we are feeling.

Intuition will help you to determine if there are mixed patterns and if your thoughts are meeting up with the actions of others. Listen to your intuition and find out if it is happening because of something inside of you or something you are seeing.

If your spouse is always lying to you then you will have a hard time dealing with them and you will see them as unfaithful all the time. You will need to break this unfaithful habit and you will see that dealing with toxic people might be hard for your relationship.

Learn to listen to yourself and find out if you need to get out of your relationship and if you need to boost your intuitive powers. Let the world help you and learn to listen to your giftings.