Alternative Timelines

Alternative Timelines

When a reality exists beside of ours but in different ways, this is an alternate timeline.  These natural timelines can allow people to see into the future and to talk to angels.

Psychics know what the future shows and this can change when decisions are changes.  If someone has a reading today and then they do something different, then this will change the future.  What the psychic saw was something from a different timeline and then it will not be there anymore.

People are inter-dimensional, and this means that they have different realities that determine the reality that they live in.

Their reasoning cannot know what infinite means and it can cause them to be confused.  If you are understanding what this means and you are meditating, it shows that your higher mind is working and even though this is complicating, you can understand it more when you are listening.

What it Means

An alternate timeline means that you can create a different timeline when you do something different.  These can come every second that you live life and different choices.  There are different timelines and if you consider how many choices that a life gives you then you will know how it has affected your entire life.

This is how things become complicated.  You create a different timeline with each choice that you make, and these are infinite branches that are formed.  All the different things that happen such as a job, a hobby, relationships and more have different paths and choices.

The choices that are made are real and so are the timelines.  The different worlds exist like int eh movies and show that past changes can change future events and sometimes this is really true today.  This never deletes what the timeline had; it just changes the way.  Once the choice is made then there is a new line that goes into a different branch and this is the change in the future.

If you consider each person and animal in the world then there are timelines that are constantly changing everywhere, and this is how it is infinite.

Working with Timelines

Timelines work by the way that things happen.  If you get a warning that you need to change your ideas and decision and you do it then it can change the direction of your life.  It can cause your timeline to change and can take you to a better outcome in life.

Some of the problems are divorce, illnesses and injuries.  Sometimes people become depressed from failed relationships and this can cause there to be more things in your lessons of life and the experiences that you have.  These relationships can be useful in life and teach you different things and those are the days that your timeline might not change.

An alternate timeline will happen when your angels show you what the future is.  They can show you what you will probably end up like and they get this information from the universe.  Once they talk to you and what they read from you can give them ideas of how things will go.  Even if you get this reading, you can change the outcome by making different choices.

People can change their timeline just by making different decisions.  There are bad timelines that you have had to choose form and then there are good options that you have made, and this lowers the chances of having a bad timeline.  There are ways that you can find freedoms and make a better option, and this can change your future.

When you look into the future, you want to make sure that you are doing the right things.  When this happens, you have a chance to change your timeline and to make yourself have a better life.  This is a great thing about living in this universe, the future is always changeable.