All About Psychic Attacks

All About Psychic Attacks

All About Psychic AttacksHave you ever wondered if you’re suffering from a psychic attack?

A psychic attack is simply negative energy that somebody else sends you with the intent to harm your mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional state. These negative energies are projected in the form of thoughts, which are usually rooted in your attacker’s jealousy toward you. But attacks can also occur for reasons other than jealousy.

Psychic attacks are usually launched by somebody who already knows the victim. They can even come from family members and friends, and they are not always launched intentionally. An unintentional attack has usually been sent unconsciously, and the attacker is sending their harmful thoughts without meaning to. Anger, envy, or jealousy are usually the motives behind unconscious psychic attacks.

When somebody deliberately means to harm somebody else, they are attacking consciously. Psychic attacks like this are similar to spell-casting, witchcraft, and black magic.

The basic, underlying theme of why psychic attacks work is our fears. Psychic attacks are less about you than they are about the attacker’s weaknesses. Fear is at the root of any psychic attack on any person. There are many fears out there: fear of the unknown a fear of being controlled by another person, a fear of being hurt or killed.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Here are some things people may experience while under a psychic attack.

  • Very frightening nightmares.
  • Perceiving your attacker in a devil-like way in your thoughts, dreams, or meditations.
  • Constantly feeling tired and weak for no apparent reason.
  • Frequent pain in the same areas at regular intervals.
  • Pain or illness in areas of personal weakness that an attacker could be aware of.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Feelings of lethargy regarding daily tasks.
  • Unusually severe headaches accompanied by dizziness or vomiting.
  • Questions or doubts about your life’s direction, even if you felt certain before.
  • Depression.
  • Images and thoughts of your attacker constantly creep into your mind.
  • A sensation that you’re being watched.
  • Seeing shadows in your peripheral vision, especially when you’re alone.

The worst psychic attacks may make the victims feel as though they’re having a heart attack, or that they want to commit suicide. If you experience such symptoms, seek professional medical or psychological help immediately.

Why Am I Under Attack?

You can suffer a psychic attack for just about any reason. The key is to not take it personally. Realize that not everyone will always agree with you. If you can detach emotionally from people who don’t like you now and never will, you can stop giving your energy away to them.

You can figuratively bleed yourself dry over a circumstance, person, or issue. Your attacker is the weak one. Instead of returning thoughts of fear, hate or anger, try to feel compassionate toward him or her. Send blessings, love, and light to help them see and heal their darkness.

Most people who attack others psychically do it more frequently when they’re younger, and less often as they mature. Over time, people usually learn to rise above their circumstances and stop lashing out with their minds.

It’s easy to say, “Just get rid of your fears and you won’t be attacked.” But most people spend their entire lives working through their fears and releasing them. And even if you successfully do this, you can still be attacked. Lowering your fear barriers or even removing them completely doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t be psychically attacked by another person or a group of people. But if or when it happens, at least it won’t destroy you.

Ending a Psychic Attack

A simple awareness of the psychic attack by identifying the unusual events that are occurring in your life will help you decrease the attack’s effectiveness by up to 75 percent. Here are some other things you can do to end a psychic attack.

  • Ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to protect you and help you end the attack. This will help even if you don’t know who they are or don’t believe in them. They can work without your faith in them.
  • Don’t send similar thoughts or energy back onto your attacker. According to the Universal Law of karma, what goes around will come back to you multiplied. So, if you’re consciously sending negative energy toward somebody else intending to inflict harm, know that what you send is what you’ll attract to yourself. So, send only pure, white light energy directly from the Universe or from the god of your beliefs.
  • When your attacker comes into your mind, imagine that you’re showering him or her with the universe’s pure light. Change the way you send light by imagining it radiating in different ways.
  • Always keep your protection around you. The best way to protect yourself is to be emotionally stable and strong, and don’t allow others to identify with your fears. This will reveal your weakness. Identify your emotional fears and issues to heal them. This will make you less vulnerable and less likely to absorb the negative effects of the attack.

The Power of Love

Love is the strongest healer and the most effective barrier against psychic attacks. The most important love is a love for yourself, warts and all. Nobody’s perfect, and none of us will ever be perfect in this imperfect physical realm. Learning to accept yourself for who and what you are is the first and most crucial step in this process. You’ll eventually learn how to apply active compassion to other people and groups, which will give you the emotional detachment necessary for fending off psychic attacks.

Loving your enemy is the noblest choice you can make. Hate can’t destroy love, but love can destroy hate. Your enemy may send destructive energies your way, but when it meets the pure energy of your love, it will be rendered completely powerless.