6 Ways Your Inner Child Can Strengthen Your Intuition

6 Ways Your Inner Child Can Strengthen Your Intuition

A great way to build your intuition and improve your connection to Spirit is by embracing your inner child.  As we age, life gives us more responsibilities and anxieties.  One of the best ways to destress is to play!  In fact, having a robust imagination is essential to refining your psychic talents.  We have compiled six methods you can discover the spirit sandbox and develop your talents while having fun!


Find a box of crayons or colored pencils and get coloring!  Creating art helps to relax your mind and body and stir the imagination within you.  You can choose to use a coloring book or find some loose paper to create your next masterpiece.


Children are drawn to puzzles.  They are fabulous ways to tap into your imagination and strengthen your intuition.  Consider how you did puzzles as a child.  Did you start with sorting pieces into color groups or parts of the image?  Perhaps you started with the edges.  You also could have been like me and even down the puzzle upside down!  Puzzles are a wonderful tool to help you understand perspective, relationships and interconnectedness.


Free you mind by getting lost in the rhythm of a song or beat.  As you release yourself, your soul and mind open ways.  Consider the following ways you can interact with music

  • Play an instrument: Let the instrument tell you song for the day.  Have fun experimenting with notes or breath control.
  • Dance: This allows energy to move throughout your body, distressing you by releasing tension or negative thoughts. Allow you mind to expand and notice how your soul expresses itself through the postures and steps.
  • Sing: It could be karaoke, in the shower, in the car or just spur of the moment. Singing creates higher vibration patterns and allows to explore thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in new ways.

Get Outside!

Nature is the ultimate balm for the soul.  When we get outside, we absorb the sun’s rays and baste in its energy.  Whether you opt to hike, listen to the ocean waves, or tend your garden, interacting with nature always to you listen to your soul more deeply and become receptive to the wisdom of the spirit realm.

Build a Sand Castle or Fairy House

Think about the last time you created something with your hands.  If you are at the beach use your imagination to create a sand castle with the sand, shells, seaweed and hermit crabs you find nearby.  Let yourself explore the land of fables and create an excited story to go along with your castle.  If you are in the woods, build a fairy house with the loose pine needles, leaves, barks, twigs and stones nearby.  Create an inviting space for the fairies and be open to receiving their blessings.  Both buildings will help you feel more open to wonder, other dimensions and Spirit.


Enjoy reconnection with the make-believe world of your childhood.  Remember how you once were able to feel and believe in the fantasy.  Reconnect with that aspect of you, long before the adults began to close off your psyche with phrases like “stop pretending,” or “be more realistic.”  Visit a thrift store and spend some time trying on new clothes and notice how you feel in each outfit.  If you have children in your life play dress up with them, allowing them to select the character for you to embody.  Commit to the role and notice how your body opens up and your mind and soul react in new ways.

Life as an adult is so rapid.  When you play more, you allow yourself to slow down.  This creates space and receptivity in body, mind and soul that improves our intuition and connection the spirit realm.  As you incorporate more playtime into your life watch as your sense become more acute, you become more mindful of the “small moments” and how you feel more connected to Spirit.


  1. This article reminds me of the importance of maintaining a balance between responsibilities and play. It’s essential for a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

  2. While the article is intriguing, I would like to see more scientific evidence supporting the benefits of these activities in enhancing psychic talents.

  3. The article presents an interesting approach to connecting with one’s spirit by embracing activities typically associated with childhood. It is a unique perspective worth considering.

  4. The suggestion to reconnect with nature and engage in creative play as a form of stress relief aligns well with many psychological principles. It’s a practical approach.

  5. Engaging in creative activities like drawing and puzzles to enhance spiritual connection is a compelling idea. It’s a reminder of the often overlooked value of simplicity in our complex lives.

    • Indeed, our modern lifestyles tend to clutter our minds. Embracing playful activities can act as a form of meditation and self-discovery.


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