10 Ways You Can Increase Your Psychic Skills

Psychic Skills

It is common knowledge that everyone has some psychic ability. Whether it’s that small, still voice telling you to do something, or a sense that you shouldn’t take a certain way home, or a feeling that you need to call a certain family member, everyone has those moments they can’t explain.

Those who want to increase their psychic level can do it. It’s not like there is a finite amount of psychic skill in the universe and only certain people get it. Sure, some are more gifted than others but you will find those who seemingly possess the most abilities are those who are most open to using them

Psychic abilities are similar to any other talent in that they get better the more you practice. So, however you decide to practice is fine and will help strengthen your skills.

There are 10 ways you can increase your natural psychic skills:

1) Meditate or pray

Many people find meditating a way to unclog their brains and open it up to hearing that inner voice. Meditating reduces stress, which can occupy your mind and inhibit any psychic abilities you have.

Praying is similar except that you are asking for specific directions from the Holy Spirit. This acts as a type of filter that prevents any other spirit from infiltrating your mind or using your psychic abilities. Those who are Christians believe there are principalities in high places that deceive many people into believing or do things that aren’t good.

Either way, meditating or praying will quieten your mind and all thoughts. Use a quiet room and be sure to have some time to allocate toward this practice so you don’t feel like you are rushing through it. You can even do it outside while watching the trees blow in the breeze or a squirrel climbing a tree.

Meditation and praying are simply taking the focus off yourself and understanding there is a higher power that has more wisdom than you.

2) Learn more about psychic abilities

Some people take classes to develop more understanding of developing psychic abilities. If you decide to do this, look for those taught by a certified professional psychic. There are also online classes you can participate in. The local library probably also has a wealth of books that you may find helpful.

3) Stay healthy

No one can pay attention to inner thoughts if they aren’t well. That means eating a nutritious diet, exercising, taking vitamins or herbs, and whatever else you determine puts you at your healthiest.

4) Listen to your inner voice

Some people call your inner voice spirit guides and others call it the Holy Spirit or God. No matter what you call it, learn to differentiate that voice from other less helpful spirits. This involves working with that voice to accomplish good things in your life.

The more you pay attention to your inner voice, the stronger the connection becomes. It isn’t something you can force but something that develops naturally over time.

5) Trust Yourself

This is the hardest thing to do because there is usually no practical evidence of what you are sensing. We are programmed to look to the evidence before trusting anything so those learning to listen to their instincts often second-guess themselves. Don’t.

As you see things happen the way your voice states or as you understand why your inner voice gave you an instruction, you will gain trust in yourself. Eventually, you will build evidence that demonstrates to yourself that your instincts can be trusted. Sometimes, this can take years.

Start with small things. It may be your voice tells you to approach someone and you find out they can help make a connection once you do. It may instruct you to avoid a certain area and later you see where there was a bad traffic wreck. It’s these things that prove to you that your instincts are on target.

6) Open Your Chakras

Many believe chakras are the centers of spiritual energy. There are seven located down the spine and each relates to a specific part of your life. Psychics state that those who learn to open up all seven chakras have the best success with psychic abilities.

Of the seven, what is called the “third eye” is the most important. This is the pituitary gland in between your eyes and in front of your brain. It has the closest association with intuition and is always absorbing and processing information.

7) Seeing Auras

Not everyone can see auras and that is fine, but learning to do it can be helpful. Everyone has an aura and being able to visualize them tells you a lot about that person. Those who seek to become spiritual healers will definitely need to be able to do this.

8) Using Psychometry

Psychometry is the skill to learn about a person by touching them or something that belongs to them. Many psychics use this method to help in police investigations. This works because people have vibes that can be felt and leave their vibes on their possessions.

A person with true psychic abilities can pick up on these vibes. However, it does take practice.

9)Using Psychic Items

Tools exist that help those with psychic abilities tap into their skills and some may want to use them to help expand their skills. These can be pendulums, tarot cards, divining rods, or some other tool.

These tools are somewhat controversial because many believe they move into the occult realm. You don’t have to use them if you are uncomfortable. However, they are there for people who want them.

10) Study Dreams

Learning how to interpret dreams and keeping a dream journal can help increase your psychic abilities. Dreams sometimes mean something other than what they appear and understanding how to interpret them does a lot for enhancing your psychic abilities.

Keeping a dream journal is important because the meaning of some dreams isn’t revealed right away. Yet, we tend to quickly forget our dreams so a journal helps connect dreams to meanings revealed over time.

However, you decide to enhance any psychic abilities you may have, be assured that you do have some natural abilities. The secret is to understand what they are and how to use them to better both your life and the lives of those around you.